We raise goats (and other farm animals) in Gustavus, Alaska-a small community in a rural area of Southeast Alaska near Glacier Bay National Park. Due to an abundance of goat milk (one can only use so much milk, goat cheese, and yogurt!), I started making goat milk soap in the spring of 2016. It turned out so well that I began giving it to family and friends who said, “That’s pretty nice soap!”

I think you will like my soap too!  ~Lori at Pretty Nice Soap

Goat Milk is good for you!

Goat milk contains many vitamins and minerals which are good for the skin. The cream in the goat milk makes this soap more moisturizing than other soap. It won’t dry out your skin. People with dry or sensitive skin or eczema can really benefit from using goat milk soap. It has helped my very dry skin out immensely and my daughters who have sensitive skin and are prone to rashes, can use this soap without any trouble. We only use our soap-even for shampoo and travel. (The small bars are great for travel-no liquids to worry about at security and no need to deal with hotel soap.)

It is pretty nice soap!

Our soap contains only natural fats and oils, goat milk from our goats, all natural colors, real foods, and high quality essential oils or fragrance oils for scent. For those concerned about the use of palm oil-I use only sustainably sourced brands. Our labels are also made of recycled paper.

It is good for your skin, smells wonderful, and feels great!

Try some today and see for yourself!  Makes great gifts for others too.

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